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Digitizing Equipment Manufacturing: The Power of IIoT in After-Sales Service

GE Digital and Intel hosted a webcast on March 27th at GE Digital's headquarters in San Ramon, CA. This webcast dove into the future state of IIoT, what it means for the original equipment manufacturing (OEM) industry, and how OEMs can capitalize on the opportunity to increase customer productivity and create new revenue streams.

Webcast topics included:
  - Transforming the OEM Industry
  - The future of equipment manufacturing
  - Intel's digital transformation journey
  - Enabling IIoT for after-sales productivity

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Webcast Speakers:

David Ovadia
Product Marketing Director
GE Digital

Luke Smaul
Account Manager,
Equipment Manufacturing
GE Digital

 Mary Bunzel
Mary T. Bunzel
General Manager, Manufacturing & Industrial Solutions

Robert Colby
Principal Engineer - IT Infrastructure


Glen Allmendinger

President and Founder
Harbor Research