How to Modernize Your Vegetation Management Program

June 23, 2022 | 11:00 AM EST

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This webinar has concluded. You can find the On-Demand recording here: https://www.ge.com/digital/lp/how-modernize-your-vegetation-management-program

Due to the challenges that severe weather presents, utilities need to embrace new remote sensing technology, surveying methods, and AI-enabled data management solutions that offer an upgrade path from legacy risk management programs. FPL is driving transformational change not only at the utility but across the industry.

Join us for a webinar, to hear how FPL paired with GE Digital to:

  • Develop a secure platform that integrates GIS, LiDAR, and analytics to create a 3D digital twin and 2D GIS-style visuals and reports
  • Integrate outputs into existing work management electronic workflows
  • Optimize field resources to make smarter and more prescriptive decisions
  • Transform its program from one that relied on paper forms and notes in the field to a fully electronic workflow

We’ll also explore how other utilities can leverage GE’s AI-based vegetation management solution, called Visual Intelligence. We’ll dive into the solution and explore the potential value generated by using data-driven visual images captured by many different sources (drones, fixed-wing, helicopters, satellites, humans, sensors) to drive vegetation management decisions.


FPL’s transformation story

Iliana Rentz

Fireside chat


Iliana Rentz and Brian Hoff

GE Digital Visual Intelligence Demo


Sylvain Mandrau




Webinar Speakers

Iliana Rentz
Head of Vegetation Management
Florida Power and Light
Brian Hoff
Executive Digital Grid Product Management
GE Digital

Sylvain Mandrau
Senior Product Manager
GE Digital