December, 2017

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2017 is coming to a close and from all of us in Developer Relations, we thank you for an awesome year.

The IIoT and Predix continue to grow and we know that many of you have embarked on some exciting journeys that will continue into the new year.

As things wind down, we hope that you take some time to relax, recharge and have fun.

The Best of 2017

During the year, we published loads of useful content and tools to help you get the most out of Predix and keep tabs on the developer community. So, what was the most popular content of the year?

Getting Started Guide: Build a basic application
Sample App Guide: Install the RMD Reference App
Technical Video: Using Predix UI and Polymer
Community Video: GE Ghana Predix Intelligent Campus Challenge
Blog: Why Does Predix Use Cloud Foundry?
Predix In Action: Smart Shop Solutions: Automating a Multi-Facility Factory

The Top 5 from the Developer Forum Leaderboard

These are the developers that received the most likes, up votes, and accepted answers. Congratulations!

1. Siva Balan
2. Randy Askin
3. Thuan Truong
4. Renato Magliacani
5. Munene Kiruja

Make sure to check the Leaderboard each week and see if you’re listed!

Product Updates
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NEC Fingerprint of Things Object Tagging Service (GA)
Identify objects by their unique microscopic surface features. NEC’s new object tagging service provides a practical and economical alternative to printed codes and RFID.

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Predix CLI update
The Predix CLI is a tool to create and manage Predix services (UAA, ACS, Analytics Framework, Time Series, Asset, and others). It provides many convenience features such as auto-completion, command options, and inline documentation. This latest update adds an interface to cache the Event Hub, Blobstore, and Credential Store and Encryption Vault services.

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DevBox update
The GE internal version of DevBox now supports auto-detection of proxy server upon startup.

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How-To Articles for Predix Studio
Predix Studio – our low-code, high productivity application – promises to accelerate the extension of IIoT applications like APM. New How-To Articles cover the IDE, Customer Tags, and searching.

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Minds + Machines 2017 Recap for Developers
A review all of the developer relevant announcements and activities from this year’s Minds + Machines Conference. We cover Predix news and apps, Predix Studio, the new Predix Developers Kit, the Appathon competition, and the Industrial Internet of Things For Developers eBook.

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Industrial IoT – Get Started with GE’s Predix
Watch this this webinar replay to learn how to get started with GE's Predix IIoT platform, and how to join the fast-growing community of Industrial Internet "builders".

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Predix Developer How-To: Tensorflow on Predix Part 2
Dattaraj Rao, Principal Architect and Predix Builder Influencer at GE Transportation, goes into more detail about Deep Learning and how to use Tensorflow on Predix in part 2 of his 2-part series.

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Source Code for an Active Volcano: Predix Python SDK
Dive into the connected volcano project and learn about the Python SDK that was built to work with Predix services such as Cloud Foundry, UAA, Time Series, and Asset.

Blog Posts
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Chinese Developers Get Busy with Predix and IIoT App development
Developers, Predix, and the IIoT are thriving in China. Predix Evangelist, Leah Cole gives us a recap of the Digital Transformation Summit in Shanghai.


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Hot Topics From The Developer Forum
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Upcoming Events

Appathon: The Internet of Spatial Things
TechGig, GE Digital, and Pitney Bowes will be sponsoring a coding Appathon for the TechGig developer community. The challenges will focus the spatial relationships of “things”. Enrollment opens in early January.

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