January, 2018

Product Updates
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Experience Predix Analytics in the RMD Reference App
Try out Predix Analytics using the live RMD Reference App. Clone an Asset and then change the thresholds to see your Alerts update. After you sign-in to the Live Sample, you can download the App and SDKs to jumpstart your IIoT development by following the Info icon and looking in the About content.

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Name changes for Redis and Logstash Services
Redis and Logstash are being deprecated. They are replaced by Predix Cache and Predix Logging, respectively. This is a reminder that you must migrate your data or subscribe to the new services by February 16, 2018.

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Predix Intel Developer Kit: Connect and Start Building
The Predix Developer Kit is a hardware/software combination which greatly simplifies getting started with the Industrial Internet of Things. Within 15 minutes, developers can connect sensors and devices to Predix, and start streaming and analyzing data in the cloud.

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Predix Developer Video Guide: DevOps With Predix Studio
As you prepare to move your IIoT app into production, DevOps processes and tools are critical. Learn how we deliver DevOps within our low-code, high productivity application, Predix Studio from Philip Chan, Director of Software Engineering at GE Digital, and Jayson Delancey, Developer Evangelist at GE Digital.

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Blockchain and Predix
Bring security and compliance together using blockchain technology to secure industrial assets.

Blog Posts
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Cloud Foundry-based Predix App Prevents Power Plant Downtime
Learn how thermal imagery is used to identify heat anomalies for power plant equipment.

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Listening to your Machines using Predix
Sound files plus analytics help determine locomotive engine health.

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Why GE's CEO John Flannery Predicts Everyone Will Need Software Skills
Our new CEO likes you! Why Mr. Flannery thinks that in the near future nearly every employee will need to have a basic understanding of coding.


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Predix podcasts on iTunes and Stitcher:
Don't miss an episode, subscribe to our IoT Goes Industrial and All Things Performance podcasts.

Hot Topics From The Developer Forum
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Upcoming Events

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Appathon: The Internet of Spatial Things
TechGig, GE Digital, and Pitney Bowes will be sponsoring a coding Appathon for the TechGig developer community in India. The challenges will focus the spatial relationships of “things”.

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