March, 2017

Predix Transform early bird registration ends next week!

You have until March 31st to take advantage of this incentive and reserve your spot for our premier technical conference for Predix developers, data scientists, and controls engineers.


JZ’s community tip: Give us the gory details please


Activity is healthy on our developer forums. So, when you ask a question, please include as many details as you can (including screenshots, code snippets, etc.). That way, one of your fellow developers can get you the answer fast.


New Predix training offering

Now you can get Predix training anywhere! Predix BLOC is a blended, online, interactive learning course delivered over a four-week period that provides participants with the knowledge and basic skills to begin building industrial applications using Predix.


Blog Posts

TCS Hackathon Recap: This 24-hour event challenged the participants to build solutions that could deliver strong business impact for GE and its customers across various verticals.

The Transformational Power of The Digital Twin: A great overview of the Digital Twin, the power of this software model, and how Predix supports it.

He Said-She Said, which version of the story?: In software, having multiple versions of the same story can be damaging. We need an orderly transition from version to version of our releases.

The Inner Knowledge of a Token – A Builders Journey, Episode 3: Don't torture your users! The information you need is encoded in your token.

Data hacks to make factories smarter? That’s Brilliant!: Compete for $50k in cash prizes to "hack the shop floor." The deadline for ideas is Tuesday, March 27!


Case Study

Predictive insights aid aircraft landing gear performance: Learn how Predix was used to predict and avoid landing gear problems and downtime that spares the airline $25k-$40k per flight in delays.



IoT Goes Industrial Episode 7: Workflow Service: Leverage this service to accelerate your app development activities. The service helps you quickly integrate data and automate processes across devices, machines, and locations.

Predix podcasts on iTunes and Stitcher: Don’t miss an episode and subscribe to our IoT Goes Industrial and All Things Performance podcasts.


Hot Topics From The Developer Forum

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Product Updates

Blockchain Data Integrity Service now in general availability: Get verifiable chain-of-custody for data pipelines and workflows without reliance on central trust authorities or public key infrastructure (PKI).

Dynamic Mapping Service now in general availability: Record the current and historic location of your dynamic assets, and perform spatial queries on them and other data sources.

Enterprise Connect Service now in general availability: Securely manage and scale connectivity between the Predix Cloud and your enterprise.

Upcoming Events

Erie Hack: This hackathon unites coders, developers, engineers, and water experts to generate enduring solutions to Lake Erie’s biggest challenges. $100,000 in prizes.

IIoT Quest: For developers and data experts from Europe, Middle-East, and Africa. Use Predix to explore untouched power grids and energy datasets.

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