September, 2017

Predix Developer Newsletter – September 2017
Community News

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Product Updates
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New Python Reference App
The Python Reference App integrates Predix Catalog Services into a cohesive microservices architecture covering the Predix stack of UAA, Asset, Timeseries and Visualization.

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Fingerprint of Things Service
Identify objects by their unique microscopic surface features. NEC’s new object tagging service provides a practical and economical alternative to printed codes and RFID.

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Migration API
A migration API is now available to move catalog and orchestration data from your original analytics service instances to your new Analytics Framework instance.

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SDKs and Ref App updates
The Predix UI Refresh has been applied to all SDKs and Reference Apps.

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Predix CLI Update
Supports UAA Redirect and Predix Mobile.

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Predix Toolkit: API Explorer
New Data Exchange and REST client API screens.

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Data Exchange Utility
Added new RabbitMQHandler.

Case Studies

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Asset Analytics with TITAN Thermal Imaging
Learn how iPhones are used for noninvasive monitoring of heat-generating power plant components.

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Smart Shop Solutions: Automating a Multi-Facility Factory
This app gives operators and engineers access to real-time alerting and context data.

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Predix Developer Platform
Explore the Predix Developer platform with our Devangelist Ryane Bohm.

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Predix Developer How-To: Set Up Predix Machine with Docker
We show you how to set up Predix Machine with Docker on a device.

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Predix Developer How-To: Upgrade the Predix Machine Container
Walk through all the steps to download and configure a container using Edge Manager.

Blog Posts
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Internship @ Predix Data Science
Fun times and hard work for our Data Science intern.

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Volcano App – The Story Behind the Python Reference App and SD
We’re excited to announce the availability of our new Python Ref App and SDK.

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GE Digital CSU Challenge Recap: San Francisco State University.
Read about the GatorTrans app these students created to help reduce campus parking congestion.

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Predix Blockchain as a Service
Enable groups to transact without the need for a trusted third-party. Combine per-to-peer communication, cryptography, and game theory.

Forum Finds

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Deployment Checklist, Predix Technologies, and TensorFlow
New forum posts you should check out.

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Service Binding and Load Balancing
More great information from our developer forum.

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An Unknown Error, UAA Authorization Redirect, and Fire Trucks
Still more useful tidbits and best practices from our developer forum.


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Hot Topics From The Developer Forum
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Upcoming Events

Minds + Machines 2017
Join us at Minds and Machines 2017. Look for details on our Appathon, training sessions, and Predix certification opportunities.

Tech Webinar – Predix for the Edge
Join us to get a detailed look into Predix Machine and Edge Manager's capabilities and architecture.

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