August 24, 2016

Predix Transform 2016

Predix Transform 2016

Conference: GE Digital hosted the world’s first developer conference for the Industrial IoT, Predix Transform 2016, on July 25-27, 2016. Nearly 2,000 developers from 30 countries came to Las Vegas, NV to learn more about Predix and how to make the world run better.

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Hackathon: A 24-hour Hackathon was sponsored the weekend before the conference. Designed for experienced Predix app developers, the goal was to code meaningful Industrial Internet apps. Twenty-one teams competed and really impressed the judges with some innovative Industrial IoT solutions.
Here are the winners with links to their projects:

Predix Dojo

Did you know that you can build your first end-to-end IIoT MVP Solution on Predix in under 5 days?

Predix Dojo is a weeklong hackathon style hands-on program aimed at accelerating your development and reducing your time to market.

The Dojo offers access to Predix experts who focus on solving your problems and sharing best practices enabling you to create working IIoT software in under 5 days.

Email to learn more & sign up.

Newest Resources

Predix Developer Video Guide: Predix Machine/Edge Manager
Manage and connect your machines - and the data they generate - to the Predix cloud.

The Blobstore service provides a way to store large byte arrays in the cloud indefinitely. Use the Blobstore sample app to upload, list, retrieve, and delete objects.

You will set up and configure the Intel Edison board so that Predix Machine can transfer data to Predix Time Series.

Barry Foye is helping bring Predix to GE Aviation.

Our new Predix Builders Influencer Program was unveiled at the Predix Transform conference.

Details about how the winning team from GE Current's IoT for Cities Hackathon used Predix APIs to create a First Responder app for public safety use.

The Predix Workflow service lets you create complex workflows for your Industrial IoT App.

Hot topics in the Forum

Predix Events

Intel Developer Forum: The Predix Dev Rel team attended the Intel Developer Forum 2016 (IDF16) in San Francisco, August 16-18. Jeff Immelt was a keynote speaker and discussed Industrial Transformation and the GE/Intel partnership. John Gordon, Chief Digital Officer of Current, powered by GE demonstrated a pedestrian tracking demo built on Predix! Our booth also featured several Predix based demos. 

Predix Cartoon!

Predix Cartoon

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