July 19, 2016

Predix Transform, the world's first Industrial Internet Developers Conference

Predix Transform

Don't forget to register for our upcoming developer conference, Predix Transform. We will be gathering in Las Vegas July 25-27. Click here to register today!

New Community Page on Predix.io

Keep up with all the latest developer community news and events on our new Community page 

Newest Resources

Predix Developer Video Guide: Security Services
Check out this video for details on User Account & Authorization and Access Control services.

Predix Developer Video Guide: Cloud Foundry
Learn how Predix and Cloud Foundry together help developers create Industrial Internet applications.

Three Predix Developers from GE Aviation challenged themselves by hooking up a Raspberry Pi to Predix in order to read data from a file system and flowing that data into Predix.

This featured blog post discusses good tools for developers using Windows that have increased productivity with Predix.

Since Predix was launched in February 2016, more than 4,000 developers have completed GE’s Predix Developer Boot Camp.

GE and Microsoft announced plans to make Predix available on Microsoft Azure. Take a look at how this can impact Industrial Internet Developers in the future.

Product Updates

The Predix analytics catalog is growing fast and will make development on the platform much easier for you and your business.

The Predix Asset Scripting Engine is a service that allows users to bind their custom business logic to the Predix Asset REST API.

The analytic validation and execution requests were enhanced to allow the user to validate/run the analytic with input data from an artifact previously uploaded to Analytics Catalog.

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Predix Events

Predix Transform 2016  - GE is excited to announce our upcoming developer conference Predix Transform! This conference will take place from July 25-27 at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Click here to register today!

Intelligent World Hackathon  Current, powered by GE, is hosting an Intelligent World Hackathon where developers have the ability to build Industrial Internet of Things applications using the Predix Platform. This Hackathon runs through August 2nd and is giving out over $58,000 in prizes! To find out more details on how to sign up click here.

Intel Developer Forum  GE Digital will be sponsoring and speaking at the Intel Developer Forum on August 16-18. Check out all the GE Digital Talks and be sure to stop by our booth to say hello! For more details on this event click here.


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