November, 2017

Predix Developer Newsletter – September 2017
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Our all-new low-code app builder, Predix Studio, allows you to more easily extend existing apps like APM.

The Industrial Internet needs developers. But, even for experienced software developers, the Industrial IoT can be daunting. Download this eBook today and learn how you can build IIoT apps that drive innovation and impact your future.

Product Updates
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Predix Columnar Store (Beta)
The Predix Columnar Store uses the Cassandra-distributed NoSQL database to store data across multiple nodes - or even multiple data centers - providing a highly available, fault-tolerant persistence data layer for your application.

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ThreadConnect (Beta)
Use the ThreadConnect catalog service to build seamless integrations in minutes using drag-and-drop configurable connectors and processors. (During beta, this service is available only to GE internal users.)


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Exploring Event Hub - SDK: JavaScript Event Hub
New tutorial to learn how the JavaScript client SDK for the Event Hub service can help speed your application development.

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Exploring Security Services - SDK: JavaScript Security
New tutorial to learn how the JavaScript client SDKs for the UAA and ACS services can help speed your application development.

Case Study

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Engine Telematics
Engine telematics data drives predictive maintenance, a solution developed by GE Digital partner TCS, reduces overall maintenance cost by 60% while providing detailed visibility into the usage and location of fleet vehicles.

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Meet Arunlal, a Predix Builder Influencer
Catch up with Arun at the Minds + Machines Conference and get his take on why Predix helps developers innovate, along with details on some apps he’s created.

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What Does A Developer Evangelist Do?
Hear Developer Evangelist Ryane Bohm discuss the tremendous opportunity for Predix developers using the platform to extend applications, and to build new innovative industrial applications.

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Predix Technical Webinar - Predix Time Series for IoT Data
Time Series data underpins many industrial apps, such as APM. During this webinar, we explore the Time Series service that is purpose-built for handling your IoT data.

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Predix Developer How-To: TensorFlow on Predix Part 1
Dattaraj Rao, Principal Architect and Predix Builder Influencer at GE Transportation, discusses deep learning and how to use the TensorFlow open source software library on Predix.

Blog Posts
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Predix Developer Kit – Connect and Start Building!
The Predix Developer Kit, jointly built by GE Digital and Intel for rapid prototyping, helps you reduce the time to connect sensors to the IIoT, in order to extend or build industrial apps.


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IoT Goes Industrial - Episode 10: The Predix Python SDK
Hear from Developer Evangelist Jayson DeLancey on the new Predix Python SDK and the related work he did on the connected volcano with GE Corporate. Volcano connected to the Predix cloud? Yes!

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