October, 2016

Predix Builder Roadshow: October 18 - November 10

Join us at one of our meetups for developers who want to learn more about building applications on Predix for the Industrial Internet of Things. Space is limited, so claim your spot below and RSVP in your city today!


Predix Guides

Setup Raspberry Pi for Predix: With your Raspberry Pi and this guided journey, you’ll learn how to configure and deploy Predix Edge services.

Setup Laptop/Devbox for Predix: Accelerate your coding with three tutorials to bootstrap your development of Predix Edge to Cloud applications.

NodeJS Middleware Utilities: Leverage Javascript utilities in your front-end microservice. This first guide teaches you how to use the Predix Passport strategy to easily add authentication to your front end application running on Node and Express. 

UAA Dashboard: Use the UAA dashboard to manage your instance of Predix UAA without installing anything on your machine.


Predix Technology Partner-ThetaRay: Learn about the Anomaly Detection Service and the ThetaRay/Predix partnership.

Predix Developer How-To: Subscribe to an Analytic: Walks you through the steps needed to subscribe to an Analytic in the Predix Catalog


Predix Analytics Catalog reaches 63: The Analytics Catalog now has 63 separate analytics that can help you gain valuable insights into your data.

Leveraging the Asset Data Service: A Brief Conversation with the Team Creating One of Predix’s Most Powerful Microservices: What your need to know to create, update, and store your asset model data.

Predix Time Series by Websocket for OPC-UA: How to upload machine data to the Predix Time Series database step-by-step in a Windows environment.

Cloud Development Best Practices - Common Anti-patterns in Building Scalable Microservices with Cloud Foundry: The first in a series of blogs to help you run your microservices at scale to get the most out of the Predix and Cloud Foundry.

Developer Profile

Behind The Command Line – Ben Schwitter: Ben Schwitter is using Predix to help GE Power optimize their turbine blades manufacturing processes.

Predix Survey

Predix Analytics Survey: If you are an engineer or data scientist and you currently use, or plan to use, any of our analytics services, please take this brief questionnaire about analytics on the Predix platform.

Hot Topics in the Forum

Predix Machine  |  UAA  |  Analytics  |  Time Series  |  Asset Service

Product Updates

Analytic Services: Support for orchestration of multi-step analytics.

Asset Service Get and audit history for retrieving configuration changes for Assets.

Edge Services- Edge Manager: Edge workload containerization and Asset integration.

Edge Services– Machine: First release of container support.

Event Hub: Support for high-speed ingestion into cloud.

Predix UI Seed: The Predix UI seed (formerly known as the Dashboard seed) is your starting point to build your own Industrial Internet application. The seed shows how to use some basic UI components such as a context browser, navigation, and simple charts.

Upcoming Events

Predix Builders Roadshow (see above).

Minds & Machines Hackathon (November 15-16, San Francisco): Join GE and Intel for two days of hacking, learning, and networking. Experience live industrial machines--from gas turbines to intelligent lighting. Then develop solutions to solve some of the industry's toughest challenges.

Digital Industry Challenge (September 23, 2016-April 28, 2017): If you are an independent entrepreneur or a startup based in Europe or Israel and have a proven track record in the data science fields, we encourage you to apply to our program.

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