February, 2017

Join us at Predix Transform: The Developer Conference for the Industrial IoT!

Predix Transform is where innovation happens—where the best and the brightest of the technology world come to learn, collaborate and influence the digital transformation of industry. This year, on July 11-12 at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, we will bring together a global community of more than 3,000 industrial app developers, solution architects, machine learning experts, and controls engineers who are building innovative solutions in the IIoT space.

To register and learn more go to: www.predixtransform.com


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Versioning for Predix Scripts and Tutorials

Our Tutorial Script repositories at http://github.com/predixdev were enhanced to add versioning across all the repos it touches. This should greatly enhance the stability and delivery of microservice architectures to your laptop, edge device, and to cloud org/space.

Languages or ecosystems like Java or Node.js/javascript already have versioning (1.0.0, 1.0.1, etc.) and schemes to manage Major, Minor and Patch versions; scripts do not. We now version all the Developer Relations repos on http://github.com/predixdev including Scripts, Tools Installers, the new Predix CLI, Cloud Security Configuration, Back-End Microservices and Reference App UIs. This allows you to fall back to known working Releases when running Trainings, Workshops, Hackathons or Events.



Developers Innovate on Predix at the Industrial Internet Hackathon in Paris This past October, the GE Digital Europe Foundry, held its first Industrial Internet hackathon on Predix! More than 50 students from five universities in Europe created industrial app prototypes on Predix leveraging datasets from different GE Businesses including GE Aviation, GE Healthcare, and GE Energy Connections.

Blog Posts

Improving Speed to Deployment - Lessons Learned While Building Aviation Apps on Predix: Best practices and tips from one of GE’s Aviation’s development teams.

Paris Industrial Internet Hackathon – Predix for Aviation: Hear from a group of university students on how they won the grand hackathon prize.

Easy Predix connectivity using C programming language: Connecting a classic car to Predix. An experiment with the Predix Mustang. Build it, connect it, then drive it!

Use existing data to optimize IIoT sensor deployment: In this reblog, lean how you can use your existing data to help design the optimal instrumentation strategy for your equipment.

Predix Machine Pre-Processing - Reading Sensor Data: Lean how to send machine data from multiple sensors to Predix Machine, then to the Predix cloud.

Never Let Your Microservices Get Put In Time-Out: Advice to help you navigate through some of the pitfalls in distributed computing.


Predix podcasts are now on iTunes and Stitcher: Don’t miss an episode and subscribe to our IoT Goes Industrial and All Things Performance podcasts.


Hot Topics in the Forum

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Product Updates

Location Intelligence Service from Pitney Bowes now in General Availability: The Location Intelligence APIs provide precise, location-based information, allowing you to unlock deeper insights from any data set with a location component. The Service includes 6 API's and 21 Methods. With the introduction of new plans based on volume usage this service provides the flexibility to choose plans based on user needs. Existing subscribers using BETA Plan can update the existing service or create a new service and subscribe to the new plans.

Intelligent Mapping Service from GE Energy Connections now in General Availability: Combine this Service with Asset, Analytics Services, or any of the other geospatial services to deepen your understanding of the context behind your assets’ performance. You can also Enhance your assets’ analytical data by visualizing and aggregating the data on a map. The Service supports 6 APIs and the introduction of new tiered plans based on volume usage. Existing subscribers using BETA Plan should delete their current service and create a new service subscribing to new plans.

Exploring Predix Asset Guide: A new Guide that introduces you to the Predix Asset API.

Update: Reference App: Reference App updated with DataIngestion and DataSimulator piece moved to DataExchange.

Update: Digital Twin Analytics Reference App Guide: Contains improvements to DataExchange module that allow for runtime data retrieval of Asset Model info for Time Series queries. In technical terms, a cross-resource join.

Update: Build A Basic App Guide: Steps have been optimized and streamlined.

Update: Hello World Guide: Now contains embedded learning paths.

Update: DevBox: Added JQ utility, a javascript parser, to DevBox and local-setup. Added gulp to local-setup.
Additional resources:
https://github.com/PredixDev/local-setup with tutorial here.

Update: Predix Tool Kit: Added Asset Ingest and Query and improved Authcode Login flow.

Update: Predix UI Seed Guide: Added authentication.

For the latest Predix Service or Analytics updates, please visit the What’s New section of the documentation.


Upcoming Events

Discover the European Digital Industry Program: Digital Industry Europe is a 7-month program co-created by GE Digital and startup NUMA. Together with different GE Businesses, we defined 5 complex industrial challenges to which 55 startups coming from Europe and Israel competed for.

Discover the first video covering this program and the five winning startups: Predictive Layer, Evolution Energie, irlynx, Cosling and Cityzen Data.

Visit our Community page to stay current on Predix events.


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