Jan 23, 2019


Predix Developer Certification: The Predix Certified Developer exam is a two-hour online assessment that gauges your proficiency as a Predix developer. Get certified now!

Predix Catalog Services Status Page: The Predix Status page is where you can check the status of every service across all Predix Data Centers. If you wish to continue receiving the planned maintenance and service interruption notifications, please subscribe on our status portal.

Newest Resources

Training Course: Architecting Predix Solutions This course enables Solution Architects to strategically identify Predix services most applicable to meet their business requirements.

Knowledgebase Article: How to Open a Support Ticket Detailed information on how to contact support, submit a ticket, and escalate a critical issue.

Predix Catalog

Analytics: We have added additional sets of powerful analytics to the Analytic Catalog. New analytics are available for: Optimization Methods, Feature Engineering, Machine Learning, Reliability Engineering, Data Exploration and Pre-processing, and Statistical Methods and Analysis.


Event Hub: Event Hub (beta) publish-subscribe that supports textual (JSON over websocket) and binary (protobuf over gRPC) for publishing, and binary (protobuf over gRPC) for subscribing.

Service Operations Management: A full-fledged service operations management platform by Mobideo that enables asset operators to digitize service operations.


Predix Developer Video Guide: Asset Data Service Benefits of the Asset Data Service and why developers should use it to model industrial assets on the Predix platform.

Predix Technology Partner: Pitney Bowes Pitney Bowes and GE Digital talk about their partnership at the Predix Transform Conference.


Getting Started With Predix - A Builders Journey - Episode 1: Rich, one of our Evangelists, walks you through his getting started experience.

Predix Builder Influencer Nominations are open: Nominate the top developer community contributors to our Influencer program.

Uncovering “unknown unknowns” with ThetaRay on Predix.io: Detect anomalies with the newest Predix service - Advanced Anomaly Detection from ThetaRay

Predix Machine Workshop, You Should Have Been There: We’ve been busy hosting our hands-on Machine shops with our partner Intel.

Univariate Anomoly Detection Algorithm Helping Customers: This analytic can help you identify actionable insights from industrial.

Best Practices for Leveraging Predix Analytical Services: Here are few things to keep in mind when creating your analytics.

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Product Update News

Business Operations Service by Nurego: Simplified catalog and rollouts to let you build, measure, learn and adapt, while offering services across multiple customer segments, and distribution channels. Configure roles with granular permissions, using pre-defined roles, or creating new ones. Additional updates include usage data conversion into CSV format, and new insights and revenue metrics.

Predix Events

Industrial Internet Hackathon: Join us October 19-20 at our Paris Digital foundry for 48 hours of industrial internet hacking with Predix. This is a PRIVATE Hackathon. You are only eligible if you are a selected student from specific schools.

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