January, 2017

Predix Free Tier Plan

We've just introduced our new Predix Free Tier Plan so you can subscribe to Predix and continue to explore features and build simple apps (including prototypes) beyond the Predix Fee Trial Offer period. Learn more here.

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Message from Jon – say "thank you" and green is good! As your community manager, I want to always deliver you the best in terms of content and collaboration. The activity in the developer forums is very healthy and there's lots of really great information and expertise being shared. So I've got a couple of asks for you:

  • If someone answers your question, accept it! All you need to do is click Accept, it's that simple. Once you do this, the answer will get a wonderful green background so that others can quickly see there's some validated, high-quality content on the forum.
  • And, while you're at it, thank the person who helps you. One of your fellow Predix devs helped you so a little thanks can go a long way. Just add your thanks in the comments section... I know they'll appreciate it.


Predix Transform 2017 is planned for the week of July 10. Tell us what you want to learn about, Vote up ideas or create your own! We're gearing up for Predix Transform 2017 and want to make sure that the content we deliver and the activities we offer are what you want. If you have an idea(s), please provide us with a brief description. And if you LIKE what someone else has proposed, you can up vote the idea(s).

CLICK HERE to post your idea.


Webinar Replay: Predix Developer Webinar: Building the Digital Twin (Industrial Machine Learning): Get an in-depth look at the core design patterns, building blocks, best practices, machine leaning concepts, and benefits to using the Predix platform for Digital Twin applications.

Webinar Replay: Predix Developer Webinar: Industrial IoT (IIoT) Control Systems to the Cloud: Our experts review industrial control systems, Predix Machine, and protecting industrial systems with OT firewalls.

Topcoder and Predix: IIoT and Predix fireside chat: Jon Zucker, Predix developer Community Manager had a chance to visit with the Topcoder community and chat about the Industrial IoT, Predix, and the various Predix challenges.

Developers innovate on Predix at the Industrial Internet Hackathon in Paris: On October 19-20, 2016, the GE Digital Europe Foundry, based in Paris, held its first Industrial Internet hackathon on Predix!.


Graphing Asset Trees: Builders Journey #2: Web components are the foundation of Predix UI and quite effective to create asset trees that can visualize complex data.

2016 Controls Symposium -  Predix Competition: 500 representatives from GE’s Global Research division and all GE businesses representing over 15 countries, gathered to focus on the power of Controls and how Predix can help deliver optimal performance and efficiency.

Containers Everywhere: Everybody is talking about containers these days. What are they? When should you use one? And how do you use them?

The Internet of Things that Move: Many industrial things move don’t they? Learn how Predix supports moving Things and can optimize their operations.

Cloud Foundry Days at the GE Shanghai Foundry: The GE Digital Shanghai foundry hosted the Cloud Foundry community for a full day of networking and cloud presentations.

What you need to know about Predix UI, Bower, and SemVer: Any front-end developer using Predix needs to get familiar with Predix UI and other key tools and capabilities.

Why Does Predix Use Cloud Foundry?: We picked Cloud Foundry because it not only supports your development work, but is a key part of our blueprint for industrial internet apps.

Predix In Action

Reducing Flight Delays with Aircraft Landing Gear Prognostics: Wheels-up, wheels-down. Making sure that the landing gear is happy makes us all happy. Learn how our partner used Predix to forecast landing gear maintenance events.

Airport Traffic Monitor: Built on Predix: Sometimes getting to the gate is the hardest part about flying cross-country. This app counts passengers entering and exiting the airport and helps shorten wait times.


Predix podcasts are now on iTunes and Stitcher: Don’t miss an episode and subscribe to our IoT Goes Industrial and All Things Performance podcasts.

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Product Updates

Predix CLI: The Predix CLI is a new command line utility to simplify interaction with the Predix Cloud. It is a wrapper over the CF CLI and provides commands combining multiple steps of interaction into a single command. More information can be found at https://github.com/PredixDev/predix-cli/wiki.

UAA Dashboard: A new release of UAA dashboard makes it simpler to 1) manage Oauth clients and identity federations, and 2) set up OAuth clients to consume other Predix services.

New Service – App Composer (beta): A visual application development environment that leverages Predix and native microservices to accelerate the creation of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions. An easy-to-use application development environment allows multiple designers and developers to work in parallel. Deploy your app onto Predix with just a few clicks. Coding is optional.

For the latest Predix Service or Analytics updates, please visit the What’s New section of the documentation.

Upcoming Events

January 19: Join us at the GE Digital Europe Foundry for a discussion about LoRa Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) solutions in various industrial sectors. Register here.

Visit our Community page to stay current on Predix events.

Questions? Email us at  predixdevelopers@ge.com

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