June 2017
Predix Developer Newsletter – June 2017
Community News
The Predix Developer Community is strong! The developer forums continue to grow and more developers validating their expertise by taking our certification exam.
Product Updates
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Predix CLI
The Predix CLI is now fully integrated into all tutorials.
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Build a Basic App
The Build a Basic app tutorials have been rewritten to include best practices around logging-in to your application and setting up security with the Predix CLI.
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How Predix Works
Four new introductory tutorials are now available.
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Atom and Golang support have been added to DevBox.
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Edge Devices Introduce Dependency Tracking
EdgeManager now supports the ability to to track dependencies between software packages and applications.
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UAA Login Screen Customization
You can now customize the branding of your login screen.
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Predix Developer How-To: Predix Web App Starter
Check out the new Web App Starter. This is a great way to get some hands-on experience with Predix.
Blog Posts
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DAC and Predix – The Perfect Pair
Decisyon’s new development environment helps you build apps fast.
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GE Hosts Turkey’s First Industrial Internet Hackathon on Predix
Our first hackathon in Turkey with some amazing results.
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Virtual Operator Cab powered by Predix
How Predix can help locomotive engineers drive their trains in reverse!
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Hot Topics From The Developer Forum
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Hot Topics From The Developer Forum

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