With nearly 900 billion tons of coal reserves in the world today, coal will continue to be a viable, low-cost means for power production globally and it is imperative that we use these resources as efficiently as possible.

GE’s most advanced coal plant technology already delivers 49% efficiency versus a global average of 33%. GE’s new portfolio of Digital Power Plant solutions contributes up to 1.5 percentage points of efficiency over the life of a plant, helping to maintain peak efficiency for longer periods of time. Every point of efficiency reduces CO2 emissions by two percentage points and can reduce fuel consumption by 67,000 tons of coal per year with the same MW of output.

Powering India: The Benefits of Digitization in Coal-fired Power Plants

Learn how India is optimizing coal-fired operating environments to increase efficiency, lower emissions and reduce costs.                                   

OMU Decreases Emissions With Software                             

OMU is setting new standards in coal power through digital technologies, with NOx benefits of 10-17% and a reduced heat rate by 0.5%


Data Viz: Your Efficiency Explained

With nearly 10,000 sensors monitoring your steam plant, explore how to increase efficiency up to 1.5 percentage points

Twin Power: How Software Can Reduce Emissions in Power Generation

Learn from subject matter expert Eric Kauffman how to attain the right mix of fuel sources to meet both demand and emissions goals.

Digital Power Plant is Here

The Digital Power Plant combines the world’s most adaptable and reliable turbines with an exceedingly agile digital infrastructure, and leverages a suite of highly innovative, intelligent apps for the cloud and the edge built for the Industrial Internet, and Powered by Predix™.

GE Introduces Digital Power Plant for Steam to Enhance Efficiency and Reduce Emissions of Coal-Fired Plants

At GE’s Minds + Machines event in Paris, GE unveiled the Digital Power Plant for Steam to optimize performance and increase efficiency of coal-fired power plants. By monitoring and analyzing data from more than 1500 sensor inputs across the plant, the Digital Power Plant for Steam can help plant operators make smarter decisions about how to optimally run their power plants to achieve better performance, greater efficiencies and improved reliability with lower impact on the environment.

“The global coal market is quite complex, requiring flexible solutions to meet emerging energy dynamics and new emissions guidelines. Our organization seeks to exceed EU standards for lower emissions by 25%, while still providing efficient, reliable electricity to our customers. Innovative technologies, such as software, can help us accelerate achieving these goals with partners like GE who understand our business, market dynamics and who are willing to grow with us.”

- Dr. Tamer Turna, Chief Executive Office & Member of the Board, Yildirim Energy Holding Inc.